Wholesome Families, Wholesome Snacks

The first one, please write down all of words you hear. Total--23 words. 
Second commercial, please listen to the commercial--a bit longer. Please understand the message from the boy and his father. 

  1. The words from the first commercial 
  2. How has the definition of family changed recently?
  3. What do you think makes a wholesome family?
  4. Take a look at the different photos of various families. Why do you think they look wholesome?
  5. Summarize a little of what the boy says in the second commercial. 
  6. Summarize a little of what the father says in the second commercial. 
  7. How is their family different. 
  8. How do they get along and help each other. 
  9. Now write 150-word (or more), short essay, discussing what you have learned from these two commercials. 

Now, make sure to upload it as a pdf.