Exploring an Innocent Perspective (Part1)

The story includes an interesting contract of an innocent child's perspective in a setting with circumstances far from innocent. We need to explore the meaning and value of an innocent perspective and how it enables this story to unfold.

  1. What do "innocent" and naive" mean when used to describe children?
  2. How does the opening scene of Bruno and his friends represent their innocence?
  3. Can adults be naive? In what ways can they be naive? What adults in the movie (book) seem naive?
  4. Can you give an example of a time when you were a young child and saw the world from a more innocent perspective? What are some examples of that? What experiences helped you see the world differently than what you initially thought?
  5. Does Bruno and Gretel's tutor take advantage of the children's innocence in what he teaches them? How? What were these ideas?

  • Answer the above questions with two or three sentences. 
  • Choose ONE questions that you like or is challenging and write a 150-word essay as your answer. Make sure to your perspective, opinion and connections.  
  • Upload your answers here as a pdf file.