Louise: Comprehension Questions

  1. How did Magham know Louise did not like him?
  2. What did Louise tell everyone?
  3. Did Maugham believe Louise?
  4. Why did Louise's parents not want her to get married?
  5. Describe Tom Maintland.
  6. "You must go out and play golf with your friends" Louise said. What happened when Tom Maintland agreed to go out?
  7. Maugham noticed something interesting about Louise. What did he notice?
  8. What happened to Tom Maintland?
  9. Louise married George Hobhouse. a) What was Gorge Hobhouse's job? b) Did he like his job? C) Why did he have to leave his job?
  10. What happened to George Hobhouse?
  11. Maugham met Louise once in an expensive restaurant in Paris. a) Did he think Louise looked ill? b) What did Louise tell him. c) Did Maugham believe her?
  12. Who cam to live with Louise in London?
  13. What happened when Iris agreed to go out?
  14. Maugham went to see Louise a) Why did he go to see her? b) What cruel words did Maugham say to her? c) What was her reply?
  15. What happened on Iris's wedding-day.
  16. What were Louise's last words to her daughter?
  17. How did they prove that Louise was a cruel and selfish woman?