General Education — English 

And Economics Specific Courses 

This class is an advanced general English, oral communication class for second-year university students. It will following a literature/discussion model which requires all students to read and speak in English in every class. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas will be our textbook along with a study guide. 

This class is a preparation class for students who plan to work abroad using English as a global language. Before students participate in an overseas internship, they must attend this class. 

  • Polite Fictions in Collision: Why Japanese and Americans Seem Rude to Each Other
  • HSBC Marketing: Study Abroad and Global Communication Mistakes

  • This is a self-selected, advanced, oral communication class for first-year students. 
  • Students enrolled in this class should be willing to speak English in every class. 
  • Oral communication is the focus.
  • Other English skills will also be utilized, especially for homework.  

This seminar class for graduate students explores economic theories applied to real-life situations. Skills honed in this class are critical thinking, research methodology, academic reading, data evaluation and professional presentation. 

The first section of the class is spent discussing the major theme, incentives and how people are incentivized―from the textbook Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything,  by Levitt and Dubner (2005). In the second part of this class students will work with the professor on their own research through writing, editing, practicing and presenting in a professional format--and in English. 

This is a self-selected, advanced, oral communication (4-skills) class for first-year students. Those who take this class should be willing and able to use English in every class. 

  • 英語BⅡ:33120020(41上級)
  • 英語BⅡ:g24a0020(41上級)

This class is a general English (4skills) class for first-year students. It is based on a Reading Circle Model which will require reading, writing and speaking in English in every class. 

This is a content based  for students who want to improve their knowledge of business related topics while studying in English.  2nd semester on. 

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